Imiona Karaimów z Halicza

Anna Sulimowicz


The members of Karaim community in Halicz used to have two, sometimes even three first names: a religious name, called the shem ha-kodesh (holy name), a secular name called kinnui and a name in a diminutive form. The religious name was a Hebrew name. It generally appears in connection with religious observances, for instance on a tombstone. The secular name appears in civil documents (contracts, school certificates etc.). Diminutive form, sometimes even not connected in an apparent way to other two names, was used in everyday life. Karaims from Halicz had a strong tradition that mandated that a baby be named a deceased relative. New-born child was typically named for a grandfather or a grandmother. If the grandparents were still alive, a baby would be named after other relatives, great-grandparents or siblings of one of the parents. Child could also be given the same name as a sibling who had previously died. As a result of this practice we find a definite group of names (18 for males and 12 for females), staying in use in Halicz community and repeating every other generation within families.

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Halicz, imiona, antroponimia karaimska, nazwy własne


I. Jurchenko, O. Kefeli, N. Jurchenko, O. Beregovskij „Karaimskie kladowyšče bila Halyča. Katalog nadmohylnych pamiatnikiw”, Lviv – Halyč 2000 Google Scholar


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Sulimowicz, A. (2004). Imiona Karaimów z Halicza. Awazymyz. Pismo Historyczno-społeczno-Kulturalne Karaimów, 15(1 (8), 3–5.


Anna Sulimowicz


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